High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Center for Information as a Service (IaaS) Security Checklist: Cloud Data Governance

Journal Title: Webology - Year 2019, Vol 16, Issue 2


This study focused on cloud Data Governance (DG) for High Performance Computing (HPC) Cloud data Centre focusing on IaaS cloud service. To ensure the service provided to users is secured, HPCC are required to be certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Therefore, IaaS security checklist is needed to measure the IaaS service provided. In depth interview results shows that failure in implementing good DG not only will put HPC data center at risks, but also will leads to business failure and recovery process might take more effort than some organizations might have imagined. At the end of paper, a cloud DG security checklist for IaaS security is proposed based on the ISO/IEC 27012 and applied by identified HPC cloud data center to improve the security of IaaS services.

Authors and Affiliations

Arun Kumar Singh and Samidha Dwivedi Sharma


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