Idiopathic Scrotal Calcinosis: A Review of the Literature with Seven Cases

Journal Title: European Archives of Medical Research - Year 2019, Vol 35, Issue 3


Objective: Scrotal calcinosis is a rare benign disease characterized by calcified nodules on the scrotum skin. In this article, seven patients who were diagnosed as idiopathic scrotal calcinosis were reviewed with the relevant literature. Methods: Seven patients who were operated for scrotal calcinosis between 2007 and 2015 were included in the study. Patients’ age, admission symptoms, accompanying symptoms, duration of symptoms, size and number of masses, type of anesthesia, type of treatment, duration of hospitalization, complications and disease recurrence were evaluated. Results: All patients presented with a painless mass in the scrotum and their ages ranged from 18 to 67 years (mean 34.2 years). The mean time from the onset of the disease to the time of admission was 2.5 years (range, 6 months-9 years). The masses ranged from 2 mm to 40 mm. There were no pathological findings in the systemic examinations except the lesions in the scrotum. One patient was operated under local anesthesia, three patients under spinal anesthesia and three patients under general anesthesia. The patients were removed from follow up at their own request after 12 months. No recurrence was observed during the follow up period. Conclusion: Although there are various theories about the etiology of the disease, its etiology is still controversial and the disease is considered idiopathic.

Authors and Affiliations

Mustafa Sütçü, Osman Akdağ


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