Improving ns-3 Emulation Support in Real-World Networking Scenarios


A common problem in networking research and development is the duplicate effort of writing simulation and implementation code. This duplication can be avoided through the use of fast-prototyping methodologies, which enable reusing simulation code in real prototyping and in production environments. Although this functionality is already available by using ns-3 emulation, there are still limitations regarding the support of real network interfaces and easy configuration of the network settings, such as IP and MAC addresses. In this paper we propose an improved version of the ns-3 emulation component by introducing new functionalities that address these limitations. The new functionalities include the support of new types of real network interfaces and the easier integration of emulation nodes with existing networks by means of a new auto-configuration mechanism for ns-3 nodes. Experimental results obtained in a laboratorial testbed and in a real vehicular network testbed demonstrate the new functionalities proper operation, and their backwards compatibility with previously coded ns-3 scenarios.

Authors and Affiliations

Helder Fontes, Rui Campos, Manuel Ricardo


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