Influence of the expenditures for the innovation activity on the foreign trade of Ukraine

Journal Title: European Journal of Management Issues - Year 2016, Vol 24, Issue 7


An important task under current economic activity conditions is to find the interrelations between different economic indices and to study the character of these relationships. The purpose of this article is to establish a dependence of the export of goods and services from Ukraine on the expenditures for innovation activity. The study is based on data from the official internet resource of the State Statistics Services of Ukraine for 2000-2015. The method of correlation and regression analysis, graphical method, statistical and econometrical methods were used for the research. It was revealed that the export of goods and services is correlated with expenditures for the research and development and for the acquisition of other external knowledge. Multiple linear regressions were found for these relationships. The dynamics of the coefficients of values of the export of goods and services from Ukraine for UAH 1 spent on innovation activity in Ukraine over 2000-2015 was also investigated. Finally, the predictions for these coefficients were found for 2016-2017. The novelty of present research is in the quantitative research estimation of the dependence of the export of goods and services of innovation activity of Ukraine as well as the application of the iNZight software program for this analysis. The results received can be used in practice by managing export activity through factors that affect it. The dependence of other indices of the innovation activity of Ukraine on its foreign trade can be expanded in further studies.

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Rostyslav Bodnar


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