Influence of various extraneous factors on management of diarrheal diseases in Children of under five year age group

Journal Title: National Journal of Research in Community Medicine - Year 2016, Vol 0, Issue 0


Background : Diarrhoea accounts for about 8% of deaths in Under Five year age group. People of low socio economic status are most affected by this problem which has both preventable and treatable conditions, safe water provision is one of the main stay of prevention but has very low success, personal hygiene and sanitation are other factors. Objective:To determine the episodes of diarrhoea and factors associated with diarrhoea in children under five in rural area of Karimnagar. Design: A cross sectional study was done in 250 house hold in the rural area of Karimnagar, convenient sampling method was used. Results: A total of 502 children were enrolled. The episodes of diarrhoea was 32.6%. Conclusion: Diarrhoea prevalence can be reduced through sanitation measures such as improved water supply, excreta disposal, and personal hygiene. health education and other intervention methods like immunization, assures prevention of prevalence at the community level.

Authors and Affiliations

Misbah Al Zaman Lahor, Md Mustafa Ahmed, Farooq Bagali


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Misbah Al Zaman Lahor, Md Mustafa Ahmed, Farooq Bagali (2016). Influence of various extraneous factors on management of diarrheal diseases in Children of under five year age group. National Journal of Research in Community Medicine, 0(0), 235-240.