Life strategies of paramedic students

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 1


Introduction. Migration from areas characterized by high levels of unemployment, such as the Lublin Region, also affect young health professionals, including paramedics.Objective. The objective of the study was analysis of declarations concerning the life strategies of students of the specialty of emergency medicine at the Medical University in Lublin.Material and method. The study was conducted using an anonymous questionnaire, and covered 129 paramedic students.Results. Nearly 65% of students reported that a happy family life was their life priority. After completion of first-degree studies, one third of respondents intended to continue their education by taking second-degree studies. More than 66% of students answered that they will find employment in the local and national labour markets; however, they will seek employment for a long time, while 61% of respondents mentioned that they will find employment on the international labour market without difficulties. More than one-third of the students were interested in seeking a job abroad. The most popular direction regarding emigration, chosen by the respondents, was the United Kingdom (41.57%).Conclusions. 1) The majority of the emergency medicine students considered starting a family as their life priority. 2) The majority of students intended to continue education at second-degree studies. 3) According to the respondents, finding a job in their profession on the national local labour market will take them a long time; while abroad it will be possible without any difficulties. 4) Regional and university authorities should launch programmes for improving the attractiveness of the Lublin Region, aimed at stopping the annual wave of talented young people leaving Lublin.Key words: students of emergency medicine, job emigration, occupational activity

Authors and Affiliations

Grzegorz Nowicki, Patryk Rzońca, Mariusz Goniewicz, Ewa Chemperek, Katarzyna Naylor, Jadwiga Woźniak, Maja Chrzanowska-Wąsik


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Grzegorz Nowicki, Patryk Rzońca, Mariusz Goniewicz, Ewa Chemperek, Katarzyna Naylor, Jadwiga Woźniak, Maja Chrzanowska-Wąsik (2014). Life strategies of paramedic students. Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu, 20(1), 51-56.