Microcontroller-Based Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Journal Title: IOSR Journals (IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering) - Year 2016, Vol 18, Issue 4


Abstract: There is increase in death rate in hospitals due to inadequate attention to the patients, insufficient number of doctors as well as poor state of equipment make it difficult for the patients to receive proper and good medical treatment. This paper presents an efficient monitoring system, using microcontroller, which will monitor patient temperature remotely and send result to phones through Short Message Service (SMS) and Personal Computer (PC).The controller circuit was designed and interfaced to a sensor and thermistor and also interfaced inside with configured Single Inline Module (SIM) cards of phones to be connected. From the controller circuits, a system is interfaced with which would serve as Server, and from the server system, other system can be connected which would serve as Clients. The designed system was used to take temperature ofdifferent patients and it was ascertained that the result of our application gives accurate result when compared with clinical thermometer. With the new system developed, it will be very easy to measure patient temperature in order to reduce death rate being caused by diseases associated with increased temperature and provide platform for doctors to monitor the temperature of their patients thereby removing the barrier of distance.

Authors and Affiliations

Onawola Hazzan Jimmoh , Sobowale Adedayo , Obaje Samuel Enemakwu , Iromini Nurudeen Ajibola


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Onawola Hazzan Jimmoh, Sobowale Adedayo, Obaje Samuel Enemakwu, Iromini Nurudeen Ajibola (2016). Microcontroller-Based Remote Temperature Monitoring System. IOSR Journals (IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering), 18(4), 68-72. https://europub.co.uk/articles/-A-154339