Millenial Politeness in Whats’app Application Communication


The technology development change the traditional become the digital. In this digital era, communication take place not only sit side by side, but the presence of smartphone make the distance meaningless. The change from the traditional into digital shift the great value in Indonesia , politeness, especially for millenial generation in STIE Bina Karya. This study is going to see millenial generation communication with their lecturers through WA communication tool. The data were taken by documentation and interview some lecturers who have received the WA text from the millenial generation which belong to impoliteness from Januari 2020 until January 2021. Millenial generation who love the hedonism and freedom, can not away from their gadget and the internet. As the result, they prove the impoliteness in WA text when they texting their lecturers, they create the impolite word choice which made the situation become unfriendly, they give impulse to the lecturer and also they give no option in dedicing a decision meanwhile lecturer/institution has made the regulation for running the learning system.

Authors and Affiliations

Haya Haratikka, Rapat Piter Sony Hutauruk


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