Mobile Advertising and Its Impact on the Customers Mind: Case of New Delhi (India)

Journal Title: STAR Journal - Year 2013, Vol 2, Issue 1


Advertisers have many numbers of medium for their promotional activities but the importance of medium depends upon the target customers, types of goods/services, 5M’s of advertising and many other factors. Behind every successful advertising campaign, there is a unique idea and the whole brand promotion campaign revolves around this idea. It is important for every brand to communicate to its target group. To a great extent, this can decide the overall fate of the advertising campaign of the brand or service. However, it is an important strategy to select the right medium of advertising to promote a brand or service. Vast arrays of advertising options are available for brand owners and advertisers to promote their product or service. In this article researchers discuss about mobile phones as the latest tools for brand promotion. Mobile advertising grows bigger than any other form of digital or internet advertising. The number of customers who use mobiles have been rapidly increasing around the world. Response rate of audiences is also high on mobile as compared to other tools of advertising. And there are more chances of seeing an ad in the mobile using SMS, MMS or WAP applications. This research paper attempts to find out impact of mobile advertising in the mind of customers especially in metropolital city like Delhi, India. Further it also tries to find out the good and the bad effects on product / services due to mobile advertising.

Authors and Affiliations

Sarfaraz Karim| Department of Management, Collage of Business and Economics, Wollega University, Post Box No: 395, Nekemte, Ethiopia, Sravan Kumar Reddy| Department of Management, Collage of Business and Economics, Wollega University, Post Box No: 395, Nekemte, Ethiopia


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