Morphological peculiarities of bone healing in the place of experimental cortical defect of long bone of rats in the conditions of naturalhydroxyapatite implantation

Journal Title: Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics - Year 2016, Vol 602, Issue 1


The goal: to investigate bone-healing process after implantation of osteoplastic material Cerabone® in compact bone defect. Methods: experiment was performed on 24 white rats (male). Hole-like defect (2.5 mm diameter) was created on the middle third of femur diaphysis using portable drill with spheric mill at low speed with cooling. The defect reached intramedullary canal; it was filled with osteoplastic material Cerabone® in experimental animals and was left unfilled in control. Bone fragments were studied on the 15th and 30th days using method of light microscopy with morphometry and scanning electron microscopy that was performed on electronic microscope «РЭМ 106-И». Morphometric analysis was carried out using image-processing programs «Видео-тест» and «Видео-размер». Results: it was found out that material Cerabone® did not provoke any inflammatory reaction. The lacunas with typical osteocytes were located in maternal bone adjacent to the site of transplantation. This fact gives the evidence of material biocompatibility. At all stages of study the signs of desmal osteogenesis only were identified, the presence of bone and connective tissues in defects in both groups pointed on this fact. Bone tissue of regenerate in animals of experimental and control groups on the 15th day took the form of large-loop and small-looped network of trabeculas. On 30th day the areas of bone similar in structure to maternal bone were found. The forming of bone regenerate with high density of osteoblasts and osteocytes was found in the animals of experimental group only on outer side of Cerabone® surface without penetration into osteoplastic material. The entire period of observation Cerabone® provided the stable volume of defect due to good integration with bone tissue of regenerate and absence of reliable signs of resorption.

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Olexiy Korenkov


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