Journal Title: Romanian Review of Regional Studies - Year 2012, Vol 8, Issue 1


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Relationships Between Economic Restructuring and Higher Education in the Drava–Tisa Transnational Development Arc

The development of the new economy in Eastern and Central Europe involves a complexity of economic and social processes. The sectoral structures and territorial location of the industry and the higher education show sign...

Can Rural Tourism Boost Green Livelihoods? Empirical Evidences from Maramureş

The European rural policy is shifting from the concept of multifunctionality to the one of public good with a growing attention to environmental concerns and green livelihoods. In Maramureş, Romania, this approach is onl...

Multi-Scale Analysis of the Demographic Evolution in the Apuseni Mountains between 1880 and 2008

In the following paper aims at studying the evolution of the population size in the Apuseni Mountains during 1880 – 2008, on different spatial scales. From the second half of the 20th century, the area has recorded a con...

Migration Intentions of Circular Migrants from Java to South Kuta District-Bali

This study aims to reveal the characteristics of circular migrants from Java with focus on migration intentions in the future, predicted by variables such as wage, age, length of stay, and level of education. The analysi...

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