Mobile Phone Embedded With Medical and Security Applications

Journal Title: IOSR Journals (IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering) - Year 2014, Vol 16, Issue 3


 Abstract: This paper introduces MOBILE PHONE EMBEDDED WITH ANDROID BASED EMERGENCY ALERT BUTTON AND MEDICAL TOOLS - a mobile phone can serve us with various functions of security applications and medical tools. This serves us with facilities of (1)ANDROID BASED EMERGENCY ALERT BUTTON, (2)ACCU-CHEK GLUCOMETER, (3)BODY MASS INDEX CALCULATOR, (4)BASAL METABOLIC RATE CALCULATOR, (5)BODY FAT CALCULATOR, (6)ACTIVITY CALCULATOR, (7)ANDROID BASED HOME SECURITY SYSTEM. Thus this embedded system will act like a self-doctor which can help us as medical equipment. Collectively the mobile phone can be used as a modern medical toolbox having all the facilities we can inherit and also it can use as for managing or analysing the daily common diseases. The application like home security system discussed here can be incorporated with mobile phones is sure to benefit every people who always have a doubt of their belongings being secure in the house in their absence. Most of the mobile devices that are manufactured nowadays in the market are ANDROID OS based. Taking this into interest the application can be developed in ANDROID and made user friendly, thereby making the applications highly robust across different mobile devices and variety of users.

Authors and Affiliations

Bhaskar Kamal Baishya


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