Neonatal ICU under the mother's view

Journal Title: Revista Eletronica de Enfermagem - Year 2010, Vol 12, Issue 4


This paper presents the mothers’ feelings of newborns admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, once this kind of admission demands their separation soon after the birth. It has as objective to understand the babies’ mothers feelings in the neo ICU. A qualitative exploratory research was carried out, with data collected through semi-structured interviews with twelve mothers admitted to the neo ICU in a public hospital inside the São Paulo State, between November/2007 and March/2008. To interpret data it was chosen a content analysis that allowed identifying a thematic category “Neo ICU under mothers’ view”, and three sub-themes: the unknown search, an endless search; care obstacles; and mothers’ needs not perceived by the team. The results showed that it is necessary to change the theoretical referential of nursing care in order to mothers can be assisted in their needs, thus participating in their newborn care to improve an emotional bond mother-child, generating a pleasant environment for the triad mother/baby/health-team.

Authors and Affiliations

Maria Cristina G da Costa, Mariana Q Arantes, Michely Dayane C Brito


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Maria Cristina G da Costa, Mariana Q Arantes, Michely Dayane C Brito (2010). Neonatal ICU under the mother's view. Revista Eletronica de Enfermagem, 12(4), 698-704.