New Improved Window Technique for Iris Segmentation


This paper present a new improved window technique for iris segmentation. It’s a most important step for iris segmentation which required before iris matching It is a novel approach which comprise two step, pupillary detection and edge detection. In first step pupillary detection, it finds the pupils’ center and then two radial coefficients because sometime pupil is not perfect circle. The second step edge detection it extract the information of the pupil center and find edges on onedimensional imaginary line to each side of the pupil. By experiments it conclude that other existing techniques like automatic segmentation algorithm gives 84 percent accuracy while window technique gives 99 percent accurate results for Pupil boundary and 79 percent for iris edge detections in presence of high degree of eyelashes and eyelids covering the iris region.

Authors and Affiliations

Swati Pandey| Department of Electronic Engineering, University College of Engineering, Kota, India, Rajeev Gupta| Department of Electronic Engineering, University College of Engineering, Kota, India


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