Optimization connection between photovoltaic array and electrolytic cell about The Solar fuel energy system

Journal Title: Progress in Energy & Fuels - Year 2015, Vol 4, Issue 1


In order to improve this property to the Solar Fuel Energy system with the distributed Battery,this Photo voltaic array and SPE electrolytic cell were conducted optimization connection directly in this paper. The calculation methods about This Characteristic equation and Iv characteristic curve of, Photovoltaicarray were presented based on the,oretical analysis of This Characteristic photo voltaic Array. and, Operation effect of This Optimization connection between photo voltaic array Then the SPE Electrolytic cell was researched. Finally, The results showed so the optimal match of Input voltampere characteristics of SPE Electrolytic cell and the output voltampere characteristics photo voltaic Array was achieved By-Designing this form of SPE electrolytic Cell then PVar rayto"most reasonable, which can effectively enhance this Direct connection mode of operation efficiency of Photo voltaic array-SPE electrolytic cell

Authors and Affiliations

Wuqi, Xuzhenghong


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