Palm Oil Marketing As Veritable Enterprise for Poverty Reduction and Women Empowerment in South South States of Nigeria


The status of gender mainstreaming, profitability, determinants of profit, market structure, marketing efficiency and constraints to palm oil marketing by the intermediaries in the South-South states of Nigeria informed this study. Multistage and random sampling methods were used to select 200 marketers (50 wholesalers and 150 retailers) who were issued structured questionnaires to obtain primary data. Descriptive statistics, budgetary technique, Sherpherd-Futrell and multiple regression methods were used to analyze the data. Results indicated female dominance (84%) at the retail level and male dominance (62%) at the wholesale level while 76.6% of the respondents funded the business from personal savings. Gini coefficient indices of 0.341, 0.256 and 0.214 for producers/suppliers, wholesalers and retailers respectively reflected evidence of a fairly competitive market. Lowest monthly mean wholesale and retail marketing margins of N2,500 and N1,800 per 20litre jerry-can respectively were common in the markets. Marketing efficiency levels of 50.5% and 70.7% were attained by the wholesalers and retailers respectively. Net marketing income, return on investment, net return on investment and gross ratio of N6,216,100 and N4,109,400; 1.98 and1.42; 0.98 and 0.41; 0.51 and 0.71 for wholesalers and retailers respectively proved the business profitable at both levels. Type of intermediary, marketing cost and price of product statistically and significantly influenced net marketing income earned by the respondents while age, gender, marital status, household size, and marketing experience were not significant. Palm oil marketing in the area was majorly constrained by high cost of transportation, inadequate capital and poor sales for wholesalers; lack of access to capital, poor sales and high cost of transportation for retailers. Government and other development agencies should build new model markets, rebuild/expand old markets, and provide good road network so as to reduce cost of marketing, hence improve marketing efficiency and profit. The palm oil marketers especially women should form cooperatives in order to access cheap credit facilities, enjoy other benefits of cooperation and empower themselves.

Authors and Affiliations

Ayawari D. T. , Nwankwo N. T. O. , Ugwumba C. O. A. , Ugbaja M. O.


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Ayawari D. T. , Nwankwo N. T. O. , Ugwumba C. O. A. , Ugbaja M. O. (2018). Palm Oil Marketing As Veritable Enterprise for Poverty Reduction and Women Empowerment in South South States of Nigeria. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Analysis, 1(01), -.