Journal Title: Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches - Year 2012, Vol 1, Issue 2


Mehmet Akif Ersoy was born in 1873 in İstanbul. His mother’s name is Emine Şerife (1836-1926) and father’s name is Mehmet Tahir (1826-1888). His profession is veterinarian. He is a great poet, and a religious activist and a preacher and a writer and a politician and a sociologist as well. He had preached in lots of mosques in İstanbul and Kastamonu and Balıkesir and other cities during the Turkish national struggle. He had a great interest in Quranic interpretation. There are many poems in Safahat started with Quranic verses and there many containing Quranic verses inside. And his preaching was based on Quranic interpretation through which he was trying to enlighten the people. Mehmet Akif died in December 27, 1936 in İstanbul.

Authors and Affiliations

Nurettin TURGAY*| Doç. Dr. Dicle Üniversitesi, İlahiyat Fakültesi, Tefsir Anabilim Dalı, [email protected]


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