Real World Applications of MGR, Neeva and KN-Hash

Journal Title: Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics - Year 2018, Vol 12, Issue 25


Hash functions have prominent role in cryptography because of their ubiquitous applications in real world. Earlier, it was used for authentication only but with continuous research and development, it has been started using in almost every branch of information security. Its global approach made us to introduce few more applications in real world. We use MGR [3], Neeva [1] and KN hash [2] functions for this purpose. In this paper, few new applications of hash functions have been addressed which can sustain attacks using classical as well as quantum computers.

Authors and Affiliations

Khushboo BUSSI, Dhananjoy DEY, B. K. DASS


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Khushboo BUSSI, Dhananjoy DEY, B. K. DASS (2018). Real World Applications of MGR, Neeva and KN-Hash. Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, 12(25), 9-13.