Reinforcement Learning based Routing Protocols in WSNs: A Survey


Advances in the technology along with reduction in processor size, its memory, and wireless antenna size has facilitated the construction of low cost, low powered and multifunctional Sensor nodes which in turn led to high demand for development of Wireless Sensor Networks. A lot of research work has been done regarding the development of routing protocols for WSNs. This paper provides a brief overview of the routing protocols using Reinforcement learning approach for WSNs.

Authors and Affiliations

Anju Arya , Amita Malik , Ritu Garg


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Anju Arya, Amita Malik, Ritu Garg (2013). Reinforcement Learning based Routing Protocols in WSNs: A Survey. International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology, 4(11), 1401-1404.