Relationship between Export Diversification and Economic Growth, Case of Tunisia (1987-2015)

Journal Title: Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Studies - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 03


If in the empirical literature, the postive relationship between divisification of exports and growth has been detected. However, this relationship does not always come out. As an indication and as we have argued, Michaely (1977), for example, has found a significant positive link between exports and economic growth only in the most developed countries. This was not the case in the least developed countries. In our study concerning Tunisia, we concluded that this relationship, indeed, exists. In this study we chose as period: 1987-2015. On the econometric side, we used the co-integration method. According to the results of the analysis, we found that exports, especially agricultural exports, have a positive effect on long-term growth. Hence, investments in the production of exportable agricultural goods must be encouraged.

Authors and Affiliations

ALOUANI Ahmed, Ismahène ABID


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