Resources Efficiency Based on Village-Fund for Local Economic Development


Local economic development to achieve increased welfare, encourage economic growth through the use of village funds. One of the villages that needs to be developed is Panji Village, Buleleng Regency. The local community has local potential and resources, most of the people work in the agricultural sector, so in order to optimize the use of village funds, the community has the potential and resources to develop local economies based on village funds in creating sustainable economic growth. Through the use of village funds in Panji Village, the government and the community develop water facilities between the rice fields with the aim of increasing community income and boosting tourism in Panji Village. The domino effect can help products in Panji Village starting from organic rice and products from Family Welfare Empowerment through Panji Village's Women Farmers Group (Kelompok Wanita Tani; KWT) such as Sari Jahe Merah, Panji Herbal Sari Temulawak, Tamba Waras Sari Kunyit and Tamba Sane Sari Rhizome

Authors and Affiliations

I Putu Gede Diatmika, I Wayan Krisna Eka Putra, M. Rudi Irwansyah


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