Resources Management and Future: Welcome to the Sustainable Resources Management Journal

Journal Title: Sustainable Resources Management Journal - Year 2016, Vol 1, Issue 1


Sustainable resource management is often defined as the planning and decision making process that seeks to organize and balance the social, economic and environmental demands on resource use to achieve future sustainable benefits. The future of generation and the quality of life for people today will require standing on the use and consumption of natural resources, including materials, energy and land. Exploring new potentials of using suitable raw material streams for developing new products in close co-operation with the concerned sectors is significantly important. Most things that we produce end up at a landfill; our planet has limited amounts of resources. The current ways of producing and consuming products have therefore led to problems such as climate change, a decrease of available resources and pollution of our air, soil and water. The wise use of our resources is important to the environment and existence.

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