Role of stress in life of patients treated in cardiology wards

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2011, Vol 17, Issue 3


Stressors may be both endo- and exogenous. The negative effects of stress are, among other things, reduced immunity, intensification of cardiovascular, neurological diseases, etc. In an advanced form of atherosclerosis, stress enhances isch- emia of the heart muscle, which may lead to stroke. The objective of the presented study was the analysis of stress among patients with atherosclerosis treated in a cardiology ward at one of the hospitals in Lublin. The study covered 120 patients. The research instrument was a questionnaire form. Verification of statistical hypotheses was performed with the use of Pearson’s chi-square test for independence.The analysis performed did not confirm any relationship between gender and self-reported life style from the aspect of stress. A relationship was observed, however, between gender and source of stress, age and source of stress, place of resi- dence and source of stress, as well as between material standard and source of stress.The main source of stress for females, especially those at a younger age, living in urban areas, who have a good material standard, is work; whereas for males, especially those older, rural inhabitants, who have a poor material standards, the main source concerns health problems.

Authors and Affiliations

Marian Jędrych, Ewelina Ruta, Barbara Jodłowska-Jędrych, Anna Kusio


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Marian Jędrych, Ewelina Ruta, Barbara Jodłowska-Jędrych, Anna Kusio (2011). Role of stress in life of patients treated in cardiology wards. Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu, 17(3), 116-122.