ron Deficiency as a Risk Factor for Febrile Seizures – A Case Control Study

Journal Title: People's Journal of Scientific Research. - Year 2015, Vol 8, Issue 2


Febrile seizure (FS) is a common cause of seizure in young children and occurring in 3-4% children under 5 years of age. Iron deficiency is reported as commonest micro-nutritional deficiency worldwide and has been associated with febrile seizures. The aim is to evaluate role of Iron deficiency as a risk factor of febrile seizure. A total of 170 children (6m – 5 years) were included in the study. 70 cases had febrile seizure as defined by International League Against Epilepsy and rest 100 controls had short history of febrile illness (< 3 days) without seizures. Anemia was defined as decrease of the Hb <11gm%, and serum ferritin <12ng/ml. Discrete variables are expressed as counts (%) and compared using the Chi-square tests, Adjusted odds ratios and Statistical significance is set at p < 0.05. In the present study, 34.3% cases belong to 6-16 months age group and male to female ratio in cases was 1.69:1.  65.7% of cases and 45% of controls were iron deficient. On correlating iron deficiency with gender, male preponderance was observed in children with febrile seizure. The study observed 65.7% cases of FS had iron deficiency as compared to 45% of control group. (OR-2.34; p<0.05). Also, there was statistically significant association between recurrence of FS and iron deficiency. Early detection and timely correction of iron deficiency may be helpful for prevention of febrile seizures in children of this age group.

Authors and Affiliations

Shreya Gupta, Neeti Agarwal, Mahesh Maheshwari


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