Self-Care of Patients with Vascular Access for Hemodialysis


The present study evaluated the self-care of patients with vascular access to hemodialysis of a second level Hospital in Mexico from a biopsychosocial perspective. It is a qualitative, descriptive, cross-sectional study where patients applied a semistructured instrument of 22 questions based on five areas: autoacceptation, social relationship, activity/rest, hygiene and eating habits in the liker scale With a Chronbach alpha of 0803. Where it was found that the patients show a deficit of self care with the 55% was inadequate in the area of activity/rest, according to the questions the 90% are tired, 45% stressed and the 25% carry out activities of effort, by the poor knowledge in those exercises that you can perform and these should be suitable for the improvement of its current state.

Authors and Affiliations

Gabriela Montes Hernández, Juan Manuel Sánchez Soto, Magally Martinez Reyes, Anabelem Soberanes Martín


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