Sialoendoskopia jako nieinwazyjna metoda leczenia kamicy i niezapalnych zmian obrzękowych gruczołów ślinowych

Journal Title: Otolaryngologia Polska - Year 2010, Vol 64, Issue 6


SUMMARY Inflammatory and non-neoplastic diseases of salivary glands affect approxi-mately 5% of patients in every day laryngology practice. Sialolithiasis is the most common cause of obstructive diseases in salivary glands and is supposed to affect 1,2% of population. Other, non inflammatory reasons of glandular swelling are sialodochitis (acute ductal inflammation), stenosis of the duct, and chronic, obstructive changes in the ductal epithelium found in patients with chronic recurrent (juvenile) parotitis. Sialendoscopy is a minima) invasive technique aiming to visualize the lumen of the salivary ducts and their patholo-gies. It could be used for diagnostic reasons, in case of sialolithiasis extrac-tion of stones and in case of stenosis dilatation is performed (interventional sialendoscopy). In ENT Department Medical University in Poznań, in the period 2008 XII between 2010 IV, 46 sialendoscopies were performed. Sialolithiasis was observed in 29 patients, stenosis of main duct in 16 patients. In 1 case any changes in ductal system were observed. In group with sialolithiasis, in 19 cases stones were removed endoscopically, in 4 patients papillotomy was performed to extraction of the stone. In 3 patients with big stones and an extreme posterior location, bilateral (external and endoscopical) approach was used. Any postoperative complications were observed.

Authors and Affiliations

Tomasz Kopeć, Witold Szyfter


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Tomasz Kopeć, Witold Szyfter (2010). Sialoendoskopia jako nieinwazyjna metoda leczenia kamicy i niezapalnych zmian obrzękowych gruczołów ślinowych. Otolaryngologia Polska, 64(6), 370-374.