slugPlant Growth Promoting Traits of Diazotrophic Bacteria Effects on Growth and Yield of Rice Crops


The search for diverse plant growth promoting (PGP) nitrogen fixing bacteria is increasing day by day as efforts are increasing to exploit them as bio fertilizers for various economically important crops. In Chhattisgarh, about 83 % population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. The area sown under rice crop is 3.8 million hectare. The average productivity of rice in Chhattisgarh is only 2.1 tons per hectare. The prime cause of low productivity of rice in the state is that, only 21.7% area is under irrigated and rest is rain fed [1].High temperature (heat) stress is considered to be one of the major environmental factors limiting crop growth and yield. This stress induces many biochemical, molecular, and physiological changes and responses that influence various cellular and whole plant processes that affect crop yield and quality. The impacts of environmental stress, particularly those of drought and heat, have been studied, independently . Rice is arguably the most important cereal crop in the world, feeding more than 50% of the world's population However, the population is growing at a rapid rate; therefore, rice yields will need to be enhanced to match the increased consumption. Achieving these higher yields by 2020 will require at least double the amount of N fertilizers currently being used because, after water, N is the most limiting nutrient for rice growth.

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Rajni Sahu, Dr. Asha Kabir


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