Spontaneous Nephro-cutaneous Fistula: A Case Report and Review


Background: Renocutaneous fistulae may occur as a result of chronic infection, especially in the setting of calculous disease (Haney et al, 1992)1. Spontaneous renocutaneous is rare.2 The majority of cases develop in patients with antecedents of previous renal surgery, renal trauma, renal tumors, and chronic urinary tract infection with abscess formation. Case: We report a case of Spontaneous Renocutaneous(Nephrocutaneous) Fistula in a 49 year male complaining of urine and pus discharge from an opening over left lumbar region since 1 year with history of passage of tiny calculi from the opening 3-4 months back. Abdominal ultrasound and CT scan with fistulogram revealed ‘Fistulous tract seen within the subcutaneous plane in Left lumbar region tracking anteromedially through the muscular plane towards retro-peritonial space, Left posterior para-renal space and in continuity with lower pole of Left kidney. Renogram(DTPA) revealed ‘minimal functioning left kidney’. The patient underwent ‘Left nephrectomy with excision of fistulous tract’. Post-operatively patient recovered uneventfully.

Authors and Affiliations

Jaykar R. D , Kasabe P , Jadhav S , Agrawal S. G


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