State Feedback Controller Design of an Active Suspension System for Vehicles Using Pole Placement Technique

Journal Title: Acta Technica Jaurinensis - Year 2019, Vol 12, Issue 3


The paper presents a method for designing a state feedback controller of an active suspension system of a quarter car model. This is a survey based on a specific example. The designed controller of the active suspension system improves the driving control, safety and stability, because during the ride, the periodic swinging motion generated by the road irregularities on wheels can be decreased. This periodic motion damages the driving comfort, and may cause traffic accidents. The state feedback controller is designed to stand road induced displacements. Computer simulations of the designed controller have been performed in the frame of Scilab and XCos.

Authors and Affiliations

Andrea Wéber, Miklós Kuczmann


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Andrea Wéber, Miklós Kuczmann (2019). State Feedback Controller Design of an Active Suspension System for Vehicles Using Pole Placement Technique. Acta Technica Jaurinensis, 12(3), 178-190.