Studies on Enzymatic Action, Manufacturing Process, and Purification of Papain Enzymes


Papain is a common enzyme obtained from the green papaya (Pawpaw) fruit. It is cysteine protease present in Papaya, are essentially synthesized as inactive proenzymes with N- terminal propeptide regions.The activation process involves removal of propeptide regions. Papain are used in many Industrial purposes, along with pharmaceuticals, food, leather, detergents and fish processing etc. The enzyme Papain was isolated from the unripe papaya fruit and obtained by milky latex under suitable temperature and humidity. Papain was then manufactured by the process involving the harvesting and drying of latex. And, around 150 tonnes per year of Papain are produced in India. The study of Papain proteolytic action were done by the method of hydrolysis of protein with the use of casein substrate and other method “ Absorptiometry”. Then the Papain was purified by Gel filtration method with the use of sephadex G-75, Non denaturing Page method and SDS Page method, stained by Coomassie Blue R 250, and Brilliant blue G colloidal concentrated.

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Meenakshi Nath


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