Taurine Levels in Human Aqueous Humour

Journal Title: Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal - Year 2000, Vol 2, Issue 1


Objective - To determine whether taurine is present in normal human aqueous humour and whether these levels are altered in patients with retinoblastoma. Method - Taun'ne levels were estimated in aqueous humour of 3 children with a clinical diagnosis of retinoblastoma and in a control group of 12 patients with senile cataract and 5 children with congenital cataract. Results - Though there was no significant difference in taurine levels in the aqueous humour of children and adults with cataract, the taurine levels were significantly elevated (p<0.0001) in patients with retinoblastoma as compared with the control group of cataract patients Conclusion - The results indicate that taurine is present in normal human aqueous humour, albeit in much smaller quantities than in other body fluids.

Authors and Affiliations

Dias P L R| Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, Marikar F A| University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Mubarak A M| University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


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