Technology of Creation of New Generation Electronic Textbooks to Improve the Quality of the Educational Process in the Higher Education System


Among the various traditional textbooks in the education system, the textbook occupies a special place due to its importance. Because it is the most effective and most common didactic resource, it serves as a learning tool for learners. One of the important issues in the system of higher education is the creation of a new generation of textbooks based on information technology that meet modern pedagogical requirements. Quality textbooks increase the interest of students and play a special role in the quality and effective organization of the teaching process, especially in the quality organization of distance education, good reading, learning and effective mastery of the new generation of e-textbooks. Today's society is a society in which science is rapidly developing, information flows are increasing rapidly, modern information and communication media are widespread, in which the rapid updating of knowledge in various fields of science, as well as their rapid acquisition by students puts the task of learning. In particular, raising the rating of higher education institutions, the formation of sectoral educational resources through the introduction of mechanisms for the integration of education, innovation and production activities based on the effective use of domestic innovative potential, improving the competitiveness of the education system, attracting investments, innovations and IT technologies issues such as.

Authors and Affiliations

Rashidov Rahmatullo Alojonovich, Yuldashov Kodirjon Mamadjanovich,Bustonov Mansurjon Mardonakulovich


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