Теоретичні основи державної інноваційної політики і її складників

Journal Title: European Journal of Management Issues - Year 2016, Vol 24, Issue 7


Modern dynamics of socio-economic development emphasized issues to improve efficiency of state innovation policy, its adequacy to contemporary priorities and problems in the country’s development. An appropriate and relevant question is the systematization of knowledge obtained in the study of theoretical foundations of the state innovation policy, and effectiveness of its implementation depending on the methods of realization. The aim of present work is the development of theoretical and methodological fundamentals of state innovation policy. To solve the set tasks, we applied such general scientific and special research methods as: analysis, synthesis, generalization, systematic approach. Author examined the types of state innovation policy, factors that influence its formation, components of development and implementation of the state innovation policy. It is highlighted that the implementation of the state innovation policy is coordinated with the strategy of innovative development; strategic directions of innovation development of the national economy are demonstrated. Special attention was paid by Author to stages in the formation of state innovation policy in industrialized countries with the methods characterized for the realization of state innovation policy. Based on the obtained results of scientific research, main directions were proposed of innovation policy for Ukraine under present conditions. A conclusion was drawn on that the state innovation policy is a set of interrelated and interdependent forms, mechanisms, instruments, technologies of influence of the state on the formation, development and realization of scientific-technical, technological and innovation potential of the country, based on the promising world trends in scientific and technological development. The implementation of the state innovation policy is coordinated with the strategy of innovation development whose main function is to define main long-term directions of scientific development, to implement innovations, to provide resources to achieve the set objectives. The state, when implementing innovation policy, above all in the R&D sector, applies two basic types of methods: administrative and program-targeted. In the course of development of program-targeted methods, there were formed several variants of their implementation: a system of subsidies, institutional programs and cooperative implementation programs. The scientific novelty of present research is in determining the methodology of the state innovation policy, which covers an integrated system of methods, ways, and means of its implementation, taking into consideration the priorities in modern development of leading industrial countries. A practical value of the research is in applying the features of theoretical and methodological foundations of the state innovation policy for the selection of such areas and methods of implementation of the innovation policy that are most acceptable for Ukraine under current economic conditions.

Authors and Affiliations

V. V. Svyatohor


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