The bioenvironmental modeling of Bahar city based on climate-consistent architecture

Journal Title: Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 7


The identification of the climate of a particularplace and the analysis of the climatic needs in terms of human comfort and theuse of construction materials is one of the prerequisites of aclimate-consistent design. In studies on climate and weather, usingillustrative reports, first a picture of the state of climate is offered. Then,based on the obtained results, the range of changes is determined, and thecause-effect relationships at different scales are identified. Finally, by ageneral examination of the obtained information, on the one hand, the range ofchanges is identified, and, on the other hand, their practical uses in thefuture are selected. In the present paper, the bioclimatic conditions of Baharcity, according to the 29-year-long statistics of the synoptic station between1976 and 2005 was examined, using Olgyay and Mahoney indexes. It should beadded that, because of the short distance between Bahar and Hamedan, they havea single synoptic station. The results indicate that Bahar city has dominantlycold weather during most of the months. Therefore, based on the implications ofeach method, the principles of the suggestive architectural designing can beintegrated and improved in order to achieve sustainable development.

Authors and Affiliations

P. Kazemian| Department of Architecture, College of Art and Architecture, East Azarbaijan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, IRAN.


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