The Current State of Viticulture in Ukraine and the Role of its Individual Regions in the Development of the Industry

Journal Title: Бізнес Інформ - Year 2014, Vol 7, Issue 0


The current state of grape and wine industry of Ukraine and its individual viticulture regions in time series were reviewed and systematically analyzed. Based on the analysis of the main indicators of the production of grapes and wine in Kherson oblast, compared with the average for Ukraine Kherson oblast was investigated to define the potential power to achieve a high level of competitiveness of grape products in the domestic and foreign markets; the role of viticulture industry in Kherson oblast was defined, given the political and economic situation in Ukraine at the moment. The basic problems of grape and wine industry of Ukraine and some of its regions were identified and analytically examined, particularly in the Kherson oblast, such as raw materials, varietal, a significant proportion of outdated areas of vineyards, the lack of modern material and technical base, and so on. As a conclusion the idea of creating the general concept of grape and wine industry of Ukraine was proposed, taking into account potential natural ability of the individual vineyard regions.

Authors and Affiliations

Margaryta Popova


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