The Foreign Policy of the Republic of Moldova in the Contest of International Relations

Journal Title: Postmodern Openings - Year 2011, Vol 5, Issue 5


The changes which take place on the picture make international relations to include virtually all spheres of social life – from those politico-commercial to those cultural and sportive. Relations between states, international organizations, NGOs and other actors are pursued through foreign policy. Moldova's foreign policy, as an organic part of its state policy is important and closely linked to the option key social modernization and European integration. It reflects the state to ensure safe and stable society and the state ability to provide life and living conditions of its citizens, to safeguard the rights and freedoms of every member of society, to create prerequisites and conditions for the development of member state, as well as international communities. This means safeguarding the internal and external danger core values, material resources, intellectual and moral existence, as well as the constitutional order and state suvereignity, independence and territorial integrity. This article is focused on the analysis of the main theories of international relations and foreign policy, as well as Moldova's activity within different international organizations.

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