The improvement of the investment attractiveness of industrial enterprises in the convention of the COVID-19 pandemic


In this article we consider the directions of increasing the investment attractiveness of the holding’s industrial enterprises in the COVID-19 pandemic conditions. In today's challenging industrial environment, most companies need to raise additional funds to pursue an active anti-crisis and investment policy. At the same time, while determining the potential object of investment resources, an investor focuses on the investment attractiveness of the enterprise and the region as a whole. The main tendencies for increasing the efficiency of the investment activity at the state and regional levels are developed. The basic methods of regulation of investment processes, the priority directions of use of the state and non-state sources of financing are determined. The main factors hindering the processes of the investment activity are summarized. The priority tasks for the reform of administrative mechanisms at the enterprise level are identified. Therefore, there is a need to consider ways to increase the investment attractiveness of enterprises in modern conditions.

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