The Introduction of Christianity to the Sub-Continent and its Historical Evolution

Journal Title: Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral - Year 2017, Vol 1, Issue 1


Christianity was introduced to the Indian sub-continent in the first century by St. Thomas one of the twelve disciples of Jesus in Kerala, India. It was the trade that established socio-political links between India and eastern Mediterranean world and ultimately introduced Islam, Christianity and Judaism to this region. After the decline of Thomasonian Christians another group from Jerusalem and Baghdad re-established chiristainity in Malabar region. Historically Christianity made its way into the strange land by adopting its customs. It is said that Thomasonian Christians were culturally Indians, religiously Christians and ritually easterners. During their hard time in India they were supported by the Muslim rulers who let them flourish under the umbrella of their protection.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Hashmat Ali Safi, Dr. Hussain Ahmad


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