The New Book “Nature and Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic under the Influence of Climate Change and Industrial Development: the Murmansk Oblast”

Journal Title: Arctic and North - Year 2020, Vol 39, Issue 39


In 2020, a book, edited by E.A. Borovichov and N.V. Vronsky, “Nature and the indigenous population of the Arctic under the influence of climate change and industrial development: the Murmansk Oblast” was published by the Graphite Publishing House. The book provides a comprehensive assessment of the effects of modern climate dynamics and human impact on biota, the environment and nature management in the Murmansk Oblast, one of the most industrially developed regions of the Russian Arctic, with particular attention to changes in the life of the indigenous people of the area — the Sami. The approaches to the development of a regional climate change adaptation strategy based on scenarios of the development of the Murmansk Oblast and considering the traditional knowledge of the indigenous population, as well as the socio-cultural development strategy of Lovozero, the compact residence area for the Kola Sami, are presented.

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