The organizational incipience of the left encampment of the Political powers of Poland end of the XIXth – the 20th of the XX century

Journal Title: Eminak - Year 2016, Vol 1, Issue 1


The article investigates the process of the incipience of the left encampment of the political system of the Polish society. It is determined that this direction has been represented by the Polish socialist movement, Pilsudskii’s supporters and the country folk’s party «Vizvolene». The Polish socialist party has passed the complicated way of formation and it was Y. Pilsudskii, who played an important role in this process. Two political conceptions Marxist and nationalistic revolutionary and conservative were struggling in the ranks of the party. It has become the cause of the disunity of the Polish socialist party. It is found out that after gaining the Polish independence the socialist party rallies around the solving of socially economic problems. The Sejm and local governments became the basic arena of the party struggle. It is found out that the Polish country folk’s party «Vizvolene» was the main constituent of the left movement. This party also has passed the complicated way of the ideological formation. The parliamentary party faction tried to carry out land redistribution and agricultural reform and turn peasantry into the main power of social progress. The country folk’s party «Vizvolene» was not able to realize the majority of its own requirements but contributed much to the strengthening of the left encampment of the political powers of Poland of interwar period.

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Vladislav Boyechko


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