The Romanian Freemasonry. Historical facts and self image in some journals of the National Grande Lodge of Romania

Journal Title: ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies - Year 2015, Vol 8, Issue 1


This article's aim is to investigate how the reflection on the Freemasonry's role in Romanian history is being built: on the one hand, there is a scientific, historical approach, based on facts; on the other, there is a "mythological" reflection in which the document is replaced with a more or less imaginary hermeneutics. I was interested in observing how "self-image" is constructed, by a juxtaposition of positivism and fiction. I tried to corroborate the writings of positivist historians about Freemasonry with those authored by Freemason authors, focusing especially on a body of texts published between 2009 and 2014 in Trivium, the only journal of this kind in Romania. I chose Trivium because it is the only scientific publication that approaches with scientific means the role of Freemasonry in important moments of Romanian history and, especially because its team of Freemason and profane collaborators are reputed authors in the fields of history, anthropology, communication studies, or history of mentalities.

Authors and Affiliations

Professor Marcel TOLCEA| Ouest University of Timisoara, ROMANIA


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