The Search for Livelihood for the Poor in Urban Life of Dire Dawa;- Challenges and Opportunities

Journal Title: International Journal of Current Science Research and Review - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 06


The justification article was the researcher tried to investigate about “The Search for livelihood for the Poor’s; Challenges and Prospect in urban life of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia”. Poor’s are one the most important participant of informal economic activity in Ethiopia in general and in Dire Dawa in particular. The study attempted to examine the poor’s livelihood and the way to earn daily food consumption. The researcher used both primary and secondary data collection methods such as interview, focus group discussion and observation. The interview was made with Key interview informants who were elders and other residents of the city in general. The other important tool of data collection was FGD in which about fifty participants in four groups have participated. The stakeholders were advised to talk freely about their daily life in group. The observation was made as important to view and examine stakeholder’s life from the outsider view (etic view). Thus then, researcher made important observation in their daily life interaction in their natural setting. There were also secondary data sources in which the data obtained from written sources in which finally triangulated wit primary sources. The researcher used qualitative method of data analysis to investigate their daily earning for food and their socio-economic interaction and the support they made for their families at home. Therefore, this paper has exposed that the greater part of poor’s in Dire Dawa the study area where to see fundamental factors such as migration of back and forth and their cultural and economic support at their birth place. This study also further describe that the livelihood of poor in Dire Dawa who were vulnerable to wide range of poverty sometimes they face in the city. The researcher tried to show valid efforts that have to be made to evaluate the widespread problem of poverty that lead to migration and their social life, and social work in Dire Dawa. The finding of the paper shows that poor’s in Dire Dawa engaged in these occupations to support their family at their place of birth.

Authors and Affiliations

Shambel Tufa Telila


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