The Specifics of the Construction Industry and Their Influence on the HR Management System

Journal Title: Бізнес Інформ - Year 2014, Vol 10, Issue 0


The relevance of the topic is found on the reason, that the construction industry is one of the most important in terms of the capital employed and the number of the personnel involved. However, in the early 2000s, the HR-management system in the construction industry has been given little attention, and as a result, state of the construction industry companies was materially affected during the crisis at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The article is aimed at the identifying of the peculiarities of the construction industry, along with detailed analysis of the influence on the personnel management and selection of the most important features with regard to the development of the HR management system in the case of a construction company. A large number of the scholarly works on the similar topic as well as other concerns was analyzed. The results of the analysis show that from the line personnel \'s point of view the specifics to significantly affect the HR management system are the variety of types of the construction works, the dependence of much of the work on weather conditions, the presence of the caused by circumstances, substantial interruptions in the work load of the specialized construction organizations or the individual specialized teams of the construction companies, the high mobility of the line staff. The generalized analysis enables to make a conclusion, that in the development of an HR management system the following specifics of the construction industry should be taken into consideration: the uniqueness of the vast majority of construction projects; a significant period of construction; the presence of the caused by circumstances, substantial interruptions in the work load of the specialized construction organizations; sequentiality of construction projects; territorial separateness of the administration of the construction enterprise and the production administration; the high mobility of the line staff. The peculiarities of the construction industry, selected in the grading process and the analysis, are applicable when developing a scenario approach in the system of the HR management in the companies in the construction industry.

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Tetiana Volkova


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