Theoretical and applied aspects of the distribution system forming by e-business tools


Annotation. The purpose of the article is to analyze the content and features of the electronic distribution model formation as a component of e-business, to identify the advantages and problems of the practical application of individual models of distribution systems development by the subjects of the electronic market, to find out the main tendencies and problems of their implementation in Ukraine. Methodology of research. The solution of the tasks set in the article was ensured by the use of general scientific and special research methods, in particular, the dialectical approach, systematization and generalization, analysis and synthesis, statistical and economic methods. Findings. The essence of distribution by means of electronic business was explored and analyzed, the peculiarities of the integrated distribution system formation on the basis of the certain electronic business subjects organizational models types use were determined. Found a positive trend for the expanded use of interactive technologies for the needs of e-commerce, e-procurement and e-distribution. The objective functional suitability for organizational, technical and technological provision of effective distribution of e-commerce organizational models B2B and B2C is determined. The experience of forming integrated systems of electronic distribution on the conditions of electronic business subjects innovative forms usage - electronic trading platforms and e-marketplaces, is generalized. Practical value. Grounded that the formation of distribution systems by tools of e-business will contribute to the improvement of the processes of bringing the products of domestic commodity producers while strengthening their competitive status by reducing the distribution costs and improving the procedures of inter-entity interaction. The main provisions of the research should be taken into account when developing the development stages of commodity producers and other players in the electronic market.

Authors and Affiliations

O. Shaleva, I. Shyndyrovsky


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