Theoretical-legal bases of granting services by police officers


The bases of grant of services by polic of Ukraine theoretical and legal are set. It is proved, that services which can be got to the population by the workers of police, expediently to classify on services general and special. To general services it is necessary to take services which can be got any employee to the police regardless of what subdivision he works in, is the so-called sphere of help to the population. The grant of the special services is conditioned by the specific of work of separate constabulary subdivisions, in particular the question is search activity, prevention and investigation of crimes and others like that. Expedience of bringing in the system of the Single register of pre-judicial investigations at level of function of information of consideration of his statement and subsequent criminal production the victim (declarant) about motion technical and program is grounded. In opinion of author, it will be instrumental in the increase of authority of workers of police, due to more close contact with the population. In same queue citizens will get the real information about implementation of services, by the customer of which they are, in fact exactly the system of law enforcement authorities functions due to the population. A thesis is argued, that most law enforcement services are got to the citizens free of charge, and it does not conflict with legal nature of services. In fact providing the state of constabularies and paying their work, the social state undertakes the obligation under the grant to the population of effective administrative services. Services of payment character make small part from the common amount of services and their exhaustive a list certainly must be is set in a legislative order.

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Mykhaylo Loshytskyy, Oleksandr Yunin


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