Thread Breakage in Modern Loom and Efficiency

Journal Title: International Journal of Current Science Research and Review - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 04


The study is to find out the relation of thread breakage rate on modern loom to the relative humidity and fabric specifications. This result supports thread breakage rate increased with the choice of rapier loom instead of air jet loom. It also shows that loom width has negative relation towards thread breakage and in the production floor relative humidity has insignificant relation with thread breakage rate. Key part of the study shows that warp and weft breakage rate has interrelation. In the production floor loom types and fabric constructions are studied for thread breakage at floor temperature and found no relation to the relative humidity. But, significant relation of warp and weft thread breakage rate to EPI, loom categories, loom width, fabric length produced, weft count and interrelation between warp and weft breakage rate.

Authors and Affiliations

Mohammad Mobarak Hossain , Nahid Hossain , A. S. M. Naim , Gobinda Ghosh


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