Towards a Context-Aware Framework for Improving Collaboration of Users in Groupware Systems


A Context-Aware Groupware System (CAGS) enables the members of a team to communicate, cooperate and coordinate their activities to achieve a common goal, by providing them tools that are aware of their current execution context and adapt accordingly. CAGS can be found in several domains such as entertainment, particularly Collaborative First-Person-Shooter (FPS) video games. In CAGS, the means of collaboration traditionally provided to users (e.g. text and audio messaging) are not necessarily adequate: for instance, in a FPS, messages can distract the gamer due to the speed of the game. This paper reports a study that, for Collaborative FPS, identifies advantages/disadvantages of current means of collaboration and social behaviors that arise when players interact face-to-face or remotely. Based on this study, a context-aware conceptual model and architecture is proposed for CAGS aimed to improve user collaboration.

Authors and Affiliations

Luis G. Montané-Jiménez, Edgard Benítez-Guerrero, Carmen Mezura-Godoy


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Luis G. Montané-Jiménez, Edgard Benítez-Guerrero, Carmen Mezura-Godoy (2014). Towards a Context-Aware Framework for Improving Collaboration of Users in Groupware Systems. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Context-aware Systems and Applications, 1(1), -.