Transport and infrastructural basis of the tourism development strategy in the Arkhangelsk Oblast

Journal Title: Arctic and North - Year 2020, Vol 38, Issue 38


The article, devoted to the analysis of transport and geographical locations, describes possible strategies for the development of tourism in the Arkhangelsk Oblast. The main goal of the research was the development of logistic schemes of the transportation of tourists from the places of formation of tourist flows to the Arkhangelsk Oblast. The methodological basis of the article is to determine the economic distances between potential tourist distribution centers and their places of interest in the area. Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Arkhangelsk were considered as the main towns of departure. Kargopol, Solvychegodsk, Kholmogory and Lomonosovo, Solovki, Kenozersky National Park, and Pinega caves are regarded as the main sites of tourist interest in the Arkhangelsk Oblast. It was determined that Kargopol is the most accessible for tourists, and Kenozersky National Park is the most recognizable by tourists but the least accessible. The object of world cultural heritage, the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour on Solovki is the most accessible for tourists from the territory of Karelia. It is recommended to optimize the schedule and to synchronize the work of transport for tourists to improve the transport accessibility of recreational facilities in the area. Composed logistic transport schemes allow optimizing the planning of tourist routes in the Arkhangelsk Oblast.

Authors and Affiliations

Aleksandr Yu. TSVETKOV


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