Tubo-Ovarian Inguinal Hernia with Ruptured Bleeding Follicle: A Case Report

Journal Title: Journal of Medical Research and Surgery - Year 2021, Vol 2, Issue 5


Introduction: Hernias are abnormal protrusions of any abdominal-pelvic or fat organ, which are produced by a defect in the abdominal wall, the most frequent are inguinal hernias and their content is generally of the omentum or intestinal loops, the presence of pelvic organs is very infrequent and the majority of cases described are in children under five years of age. Objective: To analyze the entity in connection with a case of a patient with a tubo-ovarian inguinal hernia. Clinical case: The case of a 34-year-old female patient is presented, who was under follow-up by the gynecology service due to the presence of a left ovarian cyst, with symptoms of pain in the left iliac fossa for more than 6 months of evolution. which is performed an ultrasound, which reports left inguinal hernia for what is electively scheduled by the general surgery service, when performing the herniorrhaphy incarcerated hernia with left ovary with bleeding follicle and fallopian tube is evidenced. Conclusions: These types of findings are infrequent, documented in the literature with a global incidence of Tubo-ovarian inguinal hernias ranging from 0-8-4.4%, however it is worth clarifying that these studies are in infant patients, so its presentation in adults associated with a hemorrhagic follicle is anecdotal as in this case.

Authors and Affiliations

Faruk Hernández Sampayo*, Gabriela Carvajales Lozano, María Yuliana Amell Wilches


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