Universities of the third age and their role in promotion of active life style

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 1


Introduction. The first University of the Third Age was founded in Toulouse, France, in 1973, and the first U3A in Poland was established in Warsaw in 1975. This was the origin of the extraordinary development of these universities in all regions.Objective. The objective of the study was presentation of the achievements of Universities of the Third Age in Poland, especially in the Silesian Region. There are three types of Universities of the Third Age: those which constitute an integral part of a higher school, those located in the centres for continuous education, libraries and cultural centres, and those which function as independent associations with a legal identity. Patronage institutions greatly support the educational aspirations of seniors.The state of knowledge concerning the Universities of the Third Age: There are many publications that promote the scientific, didactic, cultural and sports achievements of U3A. The publication entitled ‘Old age at the verge of the 21st century’ (Wrocław 2010), is a specific compendium of knowledge about the processes of ageing and prophylaxis in geriatrics. The importance of motor activity in later decades of life. Old age is a special indication for physical activity. Three goals of motor activity among seniors are distinguished: recreation – active leisure, prevention – preventing premature ageing and civilisation diseases, and rehabilitation – restoration of vitality after past diseases and prevention of regression of physical activity. Physical activity is a biological, elementary basis of physical and psychological health.Summing up. Physically active individuals are more fit in later adulthood. This is confirmed by studies of former sportsmen who are in a way physically ‘younger’ by 10–15 years than their male contemporaries. Motor activity adjusted to the current physical capabilities should accompany people throughout the entire life.Key words: third age, physical activity, exercise capacity seniors

Authors and Affiliations

Danuta Wiśniewska, Marzena Ślężyńska, Jan Ślężyński


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